Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Neelofa’s Sister Ameera Khan Not Wearing Bra In Public?

When it comes to details, we can always count on the eyes of perverted Malaysian men who can basically spot anything “haram” from miles away.

Neelofa’s controversial sister Ameera Khan has become the centre of attention once again when some netizens called her out in a recent photo uploaded on Neelofa’s Instagram.

The photo is a birthday post dedicated to Neelofa’s elder sister Noor Nabila who recently welcomed her firstborn alongside husband Sharnaaz Ahmad.

The photo shows the 3 sisters strolling together, and while many fans sent sweet and warm wishes to the siblings, some are quick to point out Ameera’s appearance in the photo, especially her outfit.

Some of the commenters asked if Ameera was actually braless in the photo as her nipples were visible in her black attire. However, others defended that it is simply the crease of her dress and not her nips.

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