Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Sarawak BN’s youngest candidate hits the trail

MIRI: It was a different routine for Lukanisman Awang Sauni to start his day yesterday meeting and greeting people in Sibuti constituency.

As Special Affairs Department (Jasa) officer for Sibuti parliamentary area, the 36-year-old BN candidate for Sibuti only assisted the incumbent for Sibuti Datuk Ahmad Lai Bujang in his political and social work then.

But now, the situation has changed because he has to shoulder the important task as the BN candidate for the seat to replace his mentor Datuk Ahmad Lai who did not seek re-election to the seat in this 14th General Election (GE 14).

Apart from greeting the people at the town area, he also joined Assistant Minister for Women, Family and Childhood Development Rosey Yunus in her official programme at Bekenu.

Rosey who is Bekenu assemblywoman when officiating at the SK Kampung Kuala Sibuti annual sport championship yesterday took the opportunity to introduce the newcomer to those who came for the school event.

She called on the people to vote for Lukanisman on May 9.

She believed that he would continue the good work which had been left by Ahmad Lai as well as to inject more fresh ideas towards bringing more vibrant development programmes to Sibuti.

During the school sport event, Rosey announced a government grant of RM4,000 for the school’s parent teacher association (PTA).

Later Lukanisman and his entourage proceeded for a walkabout with the community leaders at Batu Niah and Sepupok Bazaar.

Most of the people are very excited to see Lukanisman as he is the youngest state BN candidate.
Accompanying him were political secretary to chief minister Sarkawi Suhaili, Niah Chinese community leader Penghulu Haw Min Wai and councillors from Subis District Council.

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