Saturday, May 5, 2018

#GE14 : 530 early voters expected in Miri

MIRI: A total of 530 early voters comprising police officers and police pensioners are expected to cast their vote today at Miri Police Headquarters (IPD Miri).
As early as 7.45am, police officers had already started queuing up at the entrance into the polling station, which is at Ruai Kenyalang.
According to the Election Commission (EC) officers, there are 484 police officers who are registered under DUN N73 Piasau and three early voters DUN N75 Senadin who will be casting their votes for P219 Miri Parliamentary seat whilst there are 43 voters for P218 Sibuti Parliamentary seat today at Miri Police Headquarters (IPD Miri) here.
It is noted that there are no early voters registered under DUN N74 Pujut.
These early voters, including policeman and traffic police who are stationed at Niah Police Station, Bekenu Police Station, Lutong Police Station, Tanjong Lobang Police Station, Central Police Station, Traffic Police Station and Miri Police Headquarters.
BN candidate for Sibuti Lukanisman Awang Sauni had arrived at IPD Miri at 8.15am to greet voters, while BN candidate for Miri Datuk Sebastian Ting Chiew Yew arrived at 8.40am.
Ting also greeted PAS candidate for Sibuti, Zulaihi Bakar who had arrived at the polling station to greet voters.

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