Video : Mahathir Hina India Dengan Panggilan 'Keling'...Pooodahhh !! Zero Vote For Mahathir - Randau Sarawak


Monday, April 9, 2018

Video : Mahathir Hina India Dengan Panggilan 'Keling'...Pooodahhh !! Zero Vote For Mahathir

22 YEARS AS PRIME MINISTER OF Malaysia... all Mahathir has to offer the Indian community is Keling!, It is a word used as a derogatory remark to the Indians in Malaysia, although it has some historical line of story back in 50s. Every kid in the school knew this word and friends avoid it in any confrontation in front of an Indian.

Mahathir has provoked the Indian community by showing his true color, openly saying keling and it’s clearly aimed at the Indians which corroborated when he said the word "podah".

He justify it by saying it is a common term used up north, maybe, but what is the significant in saying it to curse the Election Commission?

He wasn’t talking in a coffee shop somewhere in Kedah or Penang!.

He knew clearly that there were camera recording in progress.

Why he did that?

Because he knew that the Pakatan especially the Indian leaders are thirsty for his majority seats in Pakatan.

He don’t give a damn about the Indians, as usual. It is also a clear sign to say that I am back, and I am the boss, who are you Indians?

Surprising, the Indians in the Pakatan’s court wouldn’t mind to be called as keling.

They are too busy concentrating on changing the government and are so blind to look at how they are being humiliated.

Some even claim that Mahathir is referring to the mamaks as he himself is a breed imported from India.

The Indians in Pakatan Harapan and the Hindraf self- asylum seeker in UK, whom compared himself with Prabakharan of LTTE recently.

P Waythamoorthy keep mum on the issue for fear of losing his chances to be a candidate after being neglected by Keadilan, DAP and Amanah.

His only chance is to be a bell boy for Mahathir whom he previously accused from discrimination, marginalisation to ethnic cleansing.

Overall, Mahathir is back as the master of the Indian community brought in to support the incapable opposition, to win the election.

Imagine once he is a Prime Minister of this country again, what happens to racism, minorities in the country.

Zero vote for Mahathir


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