Monday, April 16, 2018

The Rocket is not used now, bye, bye!

The designer of the Rocket symbol for DAP Goh Hock Guan had passed away recently. There was news that the Rocket symbol would not be used in the coming general election. What an irony! 
Even though Pakatan Harapan had earlier agreed to use a common symbol in the coming general election, but when DAP in fact sacrifices its golden symbol to use the “Blue eye” symbol in the election, the news is very astonishing. 
The symbol of the Rocket has been around in the Malaysia political arena for more than half a century and it is known by everybody. During the 70s and 80s, DAP had many good potential candidates but most of them were unknowns or minnows. Yet it was a surprise they defeated many Barisan Nasional heavy weights in the election. 
Why did it win? The voters voted for the party instead of the candidate. DAP supporters do not consider who is the candidate but will fully support the DAP party by putting a cross beside the Rocket symbol. This revolutionary spirit is deeply rooted for more than a few decades and is difficult to extinguish. 
At present the Rocket is not flying anymore. If voters want to support DAP, they have to make a cross beside the “Blue eye” symbol. 
Why does the Rocket change its symbol to the “Blue eye” instead of the other way round? 
Based on the number of the Opposition lawmakers, DAP has the highest. If it is based on history, DAP is the oldest party in the Opposition. The symbolic rocket has four turbines which represent the four major races which lend credence to the objectives of DAP more. It is more meaningful than the “Blue eye” symbol. 
The Rocket is a golden symbol which is comparable to the “Balanced Scales” of Barisan Nasional. Today this symbol is still very influential in the Chinese majority areas and its influence has seeped into the Malay majority areas too. If not Lim Kit Siang would not have captured Gelang Patah so easily.
An invaluable and famous symbol will be phased off in this coming election because DAP wants to use the “Blue eye” to paint itself to acquire a Malay identity. 
The Chinese will object but DAP is not afraid because they assume the Chinese votes will always be their anchor votes and they will not erode much. On the other hand if the plan comes true, the Malay votes will increase and this is a strategy of minimum loss, maximum gain. 
A few years ago, a telco company launched a new product to attract more new clients at the expense of their old clients. The strategy backfired and caused a massive loss of clients and the company suffered badly. DAP should take this as a lesson. DAP should think over its strategy of minimum loss to get maximum return may become a minimum gain but a maximum loss!
Original Source: 火箭沒用了,拜拜!

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