Saturday, April 14, 2018

The 20 records of DAP Penang

1. First state where the sitting Chief Minister is charged for 2 counts of corruption but still refuses to resign.

2. First DAP Sec-Gen who refuses to attend a much-publicized debate in his own parliament constituency in a state where he is the Chief Minister despite being accused of a RM20.5 billion scandal.

3. First state who shamelessly continues to take credit for the 90% state debt reduction despite knowing very well that it was the Federal Govt who took over the state govt assets and changed the loan into a 45 years annual lease payment where the states end up being the exact same amount.

4. First state govt to increase their annual operating expenditure 500% within 9 years.

5. First state govt with the most number of high profile failed mega-projects that can never take off including the Penang Tunnel, the PTMP, The Temasek BPO project, the Taman Manggis medical tourism hospital, the Eco Marina and many others.

6. First state who lied that they have never approved any hillside projects and then got publicly exposed as liar by Ambiga who said the DAP Penang State govt had approved some 55 blocks of high rise development on delicate hill lands between 2008 and 2015.

7. First state who approved the most number of reclamation project including one which is 4,500 acres in size - more than the combined size of the Johor Forest City and Melaka Gateway.

8. First state to have found to be protecting a highly polluting illegal factory that was poisoning and causing cancer rates to rise in an entire village and then had to apologize when busted.

9. First DAP govt that allowed Johor and Melaka to overtake Penang in median household income.

10. First state govt who claimed the previous govt's credit where the state recorded the highest investments of all state and then proceeded to lose and never recover top position for 7 years running.

11. The state with the most expensive highway project (PIL) on a per kilometer basis at RM385mil per km or RM7.5 billion for 19.5km - more than double the RM160mil per km of KIDEX highway which DAP slammed for being the most expensive in Malaysia in 2014.

12. First ever state govt who awarded a transport project, the tunnel project but allowed the company to only start construction ten years later to complete 15 years later but then said that the project is very needed today to reduce traffic congestion today.

13. The govt which awarded the most lop-sided toll concession in the world where the state govt fully pays the contractor to build the tunnel but still allows them to collect 30 years toll.

14. The state which paid the highest price in history for consultants to do reports at a cost of RM305mil but do not seem to mind that the reports never get completed.

15. The first state to increase assessment price by 13% in 2015 and then claim they are so prihatin in giving a 6% discount in 2017.

16. First state to increase water prices 4 times in 10 years but still remains the cheapest in Malaysia due to the good work of the previous BN state govt.

17. First state to claim credit for no water rationing during its 10 years period even though there was never any water rationing in the past 20 years before DAP took power.

18. First state govt to sell or trade away RM37 billion worth of state land and assets but then praised themselves for paying RM412mil in welfare payments over ten years.

19. The state govt who created the most botak hills in history and the first state govt who claims that landslide only happens on flat-land.

20. The first state govt who appointed a person whose only experience in football is to play Championship Manager computer game as the team manager and president of the state football team - which predictably led to the team ending the next season at rock bottom and getting relegated.

I could go on and on...

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