Saturday, April 21, 2018

21 Reasons Why Tun Mahathir Cannot Become Prime Minister

(Malaysian Chinese News) – A pilot lists out on his Facebook 21 reasons why Pakatan Harapan chairman Tun Mahathir cannot become the prime minister and he is especially thankful of Mahathir’s bumiputra policy that forced him to become a pilot.

Calling himself Thiru, he said he graduated with a doctorate degree in civil engineering but learned that the “Indian quota” for lecturers in local universities had been filled. So he signed up as a “guest lecturers” on a contract renewable once in a few months. Another university offered him to be an associate professor.

He said mockingly that in order to fulfill Mahathir’s “bumiputra only” policy, he tried to go to the US to take up a post-doctorate programme which he was qualified. However, he did not expect that this programme was also limited to bumiputra only which made him unable to pursue an academic career. He was eventually forced to become a pilot.

“Now Mahathir wants to save a ‘Malaysia which practises racial discrimination’.”

Thiru asks Pakatan supporters whether to let Mahathir ‘save Malaysia’ or ‘save Malaysia from Mahathir’?

Thiru thinks there are 21 reasons that Mahathir cannot become the prime minister. He says:

When I was in primary two, Mahathir tried quietly to control the tin market through Maminco Holdings. When the tin market collapsed, his firm lost US$253 million (equivalent to RM985 million). Eventually, the company closed down. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from mismanagement.

He caused BMF to lose RM2.5 billion in the Hong Kong financial scandal and now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ a financially mismanaged Malaysia.

Due to his ambition to develop heavy industry, Perwaja Steel was set up and lost RM10 billion. Eric Cheah became the scapegoat. Now Mahathir says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from losing GLCs.

His privatization policy is in reality to pass to his cronies national public amenities, including electricity power, telecommunications and even railway network giving birth to super-rich Malays and multi-billionaires and widening the wealth disparity among the bumiputra. Now Mahathir says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from such bad policies.

His speculation on foreign exchange in 1985 resulted in Bank Negara’s loss of US$10billion in foreign reserves. And now he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from foreign exchange deficit.

MAS lost RM8billion in a span of eight years but he kept helping it financially. Even when MAS shares fell from RM8 to RM3, the government used public funds to buy up its shares at RM8. He received a 32% stake while the RM1.8 billion from public funds had gone to businessman Tan Sri Tajuddin. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from kleptomaniac.

The PKFZ scandal had resulted in a loss of RM4.6 billion. He freed himself leaving behind Tun Ling Liong Sik. Now Mahathir says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia.

Under the programme to nurture bumiputra suppliers, he forced Proton and other industries to buy from designated suppliers on long term basis. And now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from money politics.

He belittled WTO and raised import tax on foreign cars up to 300% forcing people to buy Proton on bank loans stretching up to nine years. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from trade protectionism.

He neglected Sabah and Sarawak’s development for 22 years and now he says East Malaysians should rely on self-improvement rather than financial aids. Mahathir now says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from the J community, K community, Sabah and Sarawak.

Under Operasi Lalang, he jailed people he didn’t like without trial and now he says he would ‘save’ Malaysia from such wrongdoings.

He suspended three newspapers and jailed editors for reporting his political and financial scandals. Now he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from the oppression of press freedom.

He weakened the power of the monarchy and laid down the unprecedented principle placing executive power above that of judiciary. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from government intervention of the judiciary.

He changed the population composition of Sabah by launching his IC project in increasing hugely the number of immigrants leading to the Lahat Datu incident. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from the serious immigration problem.

He blamed financial speculator George Soros and the Jews for the devaluation of the ringgit. When that failed, he turned and blamed the deputy prime minister for being a gay and sacked him. Now Mahathir says he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from the abuse of human rights.

When his former deputy and family were having dinner, he sent people to break up the glass door and kidnapped him in front of his family members and put him in jail. Now he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from political persecution.

He sent people to assault his former deputy and pretended he was shocked. Subsequently, he set up police independent panel to investigate the incident but the panel died a natural death with the withdrawal of funds. Now he wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from a police state.

When he realized the ringgit will soon collapse, he, instead of repaying the debts, forced the merger of a group of leading banks comprising some profitable banks and his cronies to redistribute resources and also stopped people from depositing money overseas. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from capital control.

He repeatedly blamed the Jews and regarded Schindler’s List is a movie appealing for sympathy for the Jews. The movie was banned in Malaysia. Zoran Nikolic the KL/Selangor footballer was sacked after winning the Malaysia Cup because he has a Serbian passport. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from religious fundamentalism.

During his reign, he used racialism to divide the people through the top national academic institution. He tried to convince this institution that race A is superior than race B and C because B and C are ‘outsiders’ and not bumiputra. Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from racism.

He once accused Lim Kit Siang for practising nepotism by making his son Lim Guan Eng the chief minister of Penang. Isn’t it nepotism when he allowed his son Mukhriz to become Kedah menteri besar? Now Mahathir wants to ‘save’ Malaysia from nepotism and cronyism.

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