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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Kit Siang Also U-Turn?

Kit Siang had written books about the BNM Forex scandal, done numerous ceramahs and forums and for years had demanded an RCI for BNM against Mahathir. And now that the RCI has ended, Kit Siang has issued a statement to attack the RCI and to defend Mahathir - claiming that the RCI committee was too harsh on Mahathir.

Nowhere did Kit Siang write that he welcomes the RCI or hope that the truth will finally be revealed.

All he did was to attack the RCI and makes an incredibly silly allegation that the RCI was ended early to avoid Najib to testify.

Hello,,, during the years of the BNM scandal, Najib was the Minister of Youth and Sports and later the Minister of Defence. He was not finance minister nor was his portfolio having anything to do with BNM.

And plus, one of the chief findings was that the audit report of the BNM forex losses was changed while the cabinet was never told of the true losses.

So, how do you expect Najib to know?

It is very sad to see how unprincipled that Kit Siang has that he now u-turns on decades of allegations.

He should allow those who bought his book on the BNM forex scandal to demand a refund plus interest.

Why should we trust whatever Kit Siang says anymore if decades of allegations can suddenly U-turn into defending the person he deemed responsible?


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