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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Video: Sanggup Tipu Untuk Lawan PM Di Pekan

Parti Pribumi Bersatu's Dato’ Abdul Rahman Mohd Noor released a video to state he is hoping to contest in Pekan against PM Najib.Although he says he is a poor pensioner, it does not check out. He is currently a board of director for Daim's PECD Bhd (Peremba) since 2008 and is clearly a long-term Mahathir and Daim associate.

Both Mahathir and Daim are not poor people.

Other than repeating the lies that Mahathir normally spews, what is disturbing about his video is that he claims he was in the UK at that time and that PM Najib did not sit for his final exam at University of Nottingham.

This appears to be a malicious accusation that Najib did not graduate from University.

However, a direct check with the University of Nottingham's actual website shows this:

"Najib graduated in Industrial Economics from The University of Nottingham in 1974 and has been active in Malaysian political life for more than 30 years."

Professor David Greenaway, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Nottingham, said: “I am delighted that a graduate of The University of Nottingham is to hold such an important position. The University has a long history of working closely with Malaysia — two former Kings are also Nottingham graduates, and we were the first British university to establish a campus in the country.

Professor Ian Pashby, Vice-President and Chief Executive Officer of The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus, said: “The whole UNMC community is beaming with pride that one of its own has become the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia.”.

It is crystal-clear that not only did PM Najib graduate from his University, the professors in University of Nottingham are proud of him.

This clearly shows that Pribumi's Dato’ Abdul Rahman Mohd Noor malicious insinuation is FALSE.

And he is not a poor pensioner as he suggested.

Again, tak fitnah bukan Pakatan. Another malicious lie and slander from Mahathir and his people is again exposed.

I would also want to ask Dato’ Abdul Rahman Mohd Noor which University did he graduate from? He said he graduated in 1972 from the University of Malaysia.

Thee is no University of Malaysia - not in Malaysia or anywhere in the world. Did he found his own university to graduate from?


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