Wednesday, March 15, 2017


The famous Vogue Magazine has put Langkawi in the list of the top ten hottest global destination to go to for 2017. It said that the opening of the St Regis Langkawi Hotel is about to put the country on the travel map.

Singapore's high-society Tatler Magazine also gave a very positive review and said that "Langkawi Gets a Luxury Revival with The St. Regis".  It said that Langkawi is now an alternative to Madagascar and ended its review by saying they will book tickets immediately.

The high-end global tourism market is very competitive and the St Regis Langkawi has certainly helped to raise Malaysia;s global profile and draw in high spending tourists.

This will boost our tourism industry - which is our second largest industry, provide jobs, boost income and economic growth.

This is why our govt decided to invest and build this hotel in 2013.

While the Pakatan including the crazed Rafizi Ramli continue to attack and sabotage almost every project that the govt is implementing to boost and grow our country - ECRL, Pengerang, Forest City, Malacca Gateway, St Regis, Bandar Malaysia, TRX, the Govt continues to forge ahead and prove them wrong time and time again.


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