It is very ironic that a person who had publicly announced withdrawing support for Najib in August 2014 and wrote that one of the main reasons was that Najib abolished ISA against his advice is now the person sitting on the road-side to protest against Maria Chin's detention during the investigation of her role in Soros' Malaysia Program.

Mind you, this is Aug 2014 - just a little more than 2 years ago and now Pakatan supporters think he has taubat and is a different person?

Using ISA, this person had also thrown dozens of leaders in jail for leading and participating in the Reformasi protests - including our current Deputy Prime Minister Zahid.

Many of these people ended up staying in jail for one to two years.

This is Mahathir for you. A person who will do anything for the sake of his personal dendam and his desire to want his son to rise.


If you notice, in this Aug 2014 blog-post where he first publicly stated his withdrawal of support form Najib, he only gave 3 reasons:
1. Najib abolished ISA.
2. Najib was too friendly to Singapore.
3. Najib did not take care of the "kaum and parti" who had helped save the govt in GE13. (Mahathir had previously blamed Najib of being too nice to the Chinese in GE13).
4. Najib allows more imports at the expense of local products (a chief complaint of his Proton then).

There was nothing about 1MDB or SOSMA or RM2.6b or anything like that when Mahathir withdrew support.

Now, this comes on the heels of his son Mukhriz's second straight defeat in UMNO party elections just 9 months earlier which Mahathir had blamed on Najib and UMNO too.

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