Monday, August 29, 2016

Crocs seen at Kuching Waterfront

KUCHING: Three crocodiles have been sighted at Kuching Waterfront which has been documented by Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC).
In view of the possible threat they pose, SFC’s Swift Wildlife Action Team (SWAT) would soon conduct an operation there to relocate the reptiles.
SFC deputy general manager Oswald Braken Tisen said the corporation has identified 19 areas in the state as Crocodile Removal Zones, with areas such as Kuching Waterfront, Miri Waterfront, Damai in Santubong and Bako National Park making their way to the list.
He said some of the areas were breeding grounds for crocodiles, adding that Bako and Santubong rivers were places where large crocodiles had been sighted.
Oswald warned the people of several public areas where these reptiles have been sighted and had even encroached into areas near villages and populated areas.
Saying that the population of these reptiles had grown, he disclosed that the latest sighting was near Kampung Rayu near here, where a four-metre adult male crocodile swam into the trap set by SWAT some two weeks ago.The team took about two hours to remove the reptile, which was caught near the Sungai Rayu recreational area, before it was transferred to the Matang Wildlife Centre.
Samri Adeng, a 32-year-old from Kampung Rayu, said the crocodile had been seen in the area for the past several months and was posing a threat to the villagers and visitors as it is a popular picnic spot.
“Villagers were more careful after learning about its presence and now we are glad that it has been relocated,” said Samri.
According to Oswald, the area, less than 50 metres away from the village, is also a bathing place for villagers of Kampung Rayu.
“The crocodile might have moved upstream after it faced territorial challenge with other dominant crocodiles and ended up here,” he said.
He advised the public, particularly those staying near the river, not to throw waste especially rotten food into the river as it might give crocodiles the impression that it is feeding time.

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